Tulbaghia violacea

Tomorrow is the Village Show which makes today the eve of the Village Show, traditionally a day of angst, much beating of the breast and despair.  This year we have tried a new tack.  A stress free approach.  We have reduced our entries from 52 last year to 13, eliminating the fiddly, some might say ridiculous, entries such as arranging fuchsias on plate covered in moss or finding the bluest of the blue hydrangea or interpreting “Thumbelina” in a pot THAT MUST NOT EXCEED 6″ OR YOU WILL BE PLACED IN THE STOCKS  AND PELTED WITH THE LOSING VEGETABLE ENTRIES.  Unsurprisingly our day was very different to previous VS preludes.  I had the morning off and visited Marwood Hill Gardens, took some photos, bought some plants, was very kindly given even more plants, had a cuppa and a chat and tootled back to Lee, confident that Bosswoman and Hero would have everything in hand.   Well they had the “chillin’ out” in hand and the “phew isn’t it hot” in hand.  Was I worried? Of course not we had bags of time and, after lunch and another cuppa, like a well oiled machine we gathered the produce, polished the potatoes, cut the flowers and arranged the always contentious Cottage Garden Display (which was not beautifully constructed by Bosswoman unless she wins and then naturally it was, which it was).  We even had time for a sit down and another cuppa to make final decisions on the entries and gossip about the show.  All in all a lovely, calm and successful day.  This is definitely the way to go.  Oh yes and if my garlic doesn’t win I will have a major strop and never enter the show again.

So what is the link between this is Tulbaghia violacea and the Village Show.  Well Marwood has a National Collection of these South African bulbs where it is known as Wild Garlic and of course I will be wild if my garlic doesn’t win (have I mentioned this before).


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