Another Tough Day at the Office

More idyllic goings on.  Yesterday we were very lucky to be visited by some special friends from the Big City (perhaps a little rough around the edges after a few days in a caravan).  I always like to pick up some fashion tips from my city friends and I can now reveal that the next big thing is an interesting pajama top/combat shorts/baseball cap combo.  Bound to catch on, don’t forget you heard it here first.  So after a lovely lunch at the Grampus with Bosswoman and Hero, we all returned to the garden where our guests were promptly put to work.  There was some excellent wall clearance undertaken (although some may have taken it a little too far, you know who I’m talking about), efficient watering of the pots in the cold frames and the crowning glory, an outstanding gala performance on the lawn, including some top quality cartwheeling and a melange of disco dancing and stunt fighting, which quite frankly put the olympic opening ceremony to shame.  Luckily Bosswoman was central to all these shenanigans, especially as she is Officer in Charge of Wall Clearing and it is quite likely there will be a few more members signing on to Wall Clearers Anonymous.



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4 responses to “Another Tough Day at the Office

  1. hero

    please dont ‘job share’ any more there will soon be no walls left for ME to have fun with!!( oops sorry..slog away at!) Stunt fighting was fab..well executed..just like laurel and hardys?!

  2. Bosswoman

    Well, as officer in charge (first I’d heard of it), maybe we should divvi out the walls to make sure that Hero doesn’t miss out. I bags all the best ones, of course.

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