Golden Years Part One

This week is going to be a golden week.  We will start with a picture of the golden flowered umbel of bronze fennel, today humming with hoverflies intent on their business.  This monster gets over 5ft tall each year and seeds itself with almost annoying abandon.  The seedlings’ tap roots quickly plunge deep into the ground and you must be eagle-eyed to root them out early or you will be in for a battle.

Good for digestion and eyesight.  May well come in handy in the coming years.



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7 responses to “Golden Years Part One

  1. Michelle - Germany

    Love it, but thanks for the warning!! My garden is small!! Help if it self-seeds! I am already in the Coming Years so better get harvesting! 😉

  2. hero

    ‘GOLDEN YEARS’? Would that happen to include 50th birthdays perhaps?! I wont tell anyone you are 50 this week….

  3. Fennel is particularly good with a fresh caught sea bass.
    Many happy returns for this week…. youngster (blame hero not me).

  4. Michelle - Germany

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! For whenever it is this week! Life begins at 50 IMHO!! :-)) xx

  5. Betsy Hosegood

    One day, ours WILL be bigger than yours. Very envious.

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