Mud and Mopheads

This afternoon, after another monsoon morning had passed, I attempted to push a wheelbarrow of compost towards the lower herbaceous border where yesterday I had given the Geranium endressii a short back and sides.   I bumped and slid the heavy load down the steps from the middle composting area towards a row of hydrangeas which flank the path.  They were no longer flanking, they were engulfing, making this route totally impenetrable.  This is not the easiest garden to travel around, steps and mud being the main challenges at the moment, we certainly do not wish to add extra obstacles.  So off I traipsed back to the potting shed to retrieve the loppers and chop back these marauders.  They have put on a tremendous amount of growth this year, and after looking a little jaded early in the year they are vision of health and happiness.  The young stems are particularly beautiful, lime green with purple blotching, like a camouflaged snake hiding in the shrubbery.   It is always a shame to lose flowers in their prime, but there was no option in this case and I returned from my task with arms full of blooms.  They were not wasted, we have a voluptuous display of lacecaps in the potting shed and Betsy Bee has a similarly decadent bouquet of pink/blue mopheads adorning her kitchen table.


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