Pride and Fall


I have spent the last week hoping that the annual convention of the Associated Guild of Plumbers (and their mates) would be holidaying in North Devon and fancied a stroll along the coast path from Ilfracombe to Mortehoe.  As this has not materialised I decided in a fit of pique that I would have a go at mending the tap in the greenhouse.  The intermittent drip that we have been ignoring has not cured itself (well you can hope) and has morphed into an incessant dribble.  This in turn has meant that the water had to be turned off to avoid a flood.   More water is definitely not what we need.  So after getting a few tips from Damage, to be honest mainly about sausages,  I approached with various adjustable spanners, a screwdriver, assorted washers and, of course, WD40.  Its amazing what you can find when you have a rummage in the dark corners of the Potting Shed.  All I can say is easypeasy, job done.  True, I bottled it a little bit at the end and had to be assured by Mr D who bravely stood at the dangerous end as I turned the water back on.  Success.


No under performing tap was now safe, so I confidently attacked our other dripping faucet.  Not so simple this time.  The washer had perished and was stuck (much levering and poking with screwdriver) and the nut holding it all together was broken.  So failure on my second attempt. Visit to nut shop pencilled in.  Perhaps it was beginners luck.

This is the flower of Bouvardia ternifolia, a recent addition to the garden and certainly living up to its common name of Firecracker Bush!



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6 responses to “Pride and Fall

  1. Malvern Maid

    ” Visit to nut shop pencilled in.” Are you crazy?! :-0

  2. You went wandering the cliff tops looking for plumbers?

  3. Michelle - Germany

    Ooooh , any sausage tips more than welcome here! Our staple food in Germany as you know, and the Barbe season has been declared open with avengenge with promise of 37 C tomorrow. Not really necessary I cry, but the Power That Is Above isnt listening. I was happy with our cool slightly wet summer actually, but seemed to be in the minority… It is now back to watering watering watering. Are we mortals never happy? No It would seem not! But anway, any sausage recipes , and indeed plumming hints, all gratefully received. 🙂 We have fish for the grill tonight anway. Not a” Wurst “in sight!

  4. Betsy Hosegood

    Well I was impressed. My attempt at plumbing, back in London, was foiled at the first by my lack of strength as I was unable to turn the nut and had to call a plumber. I watched as he worked, and yes, I would have done the job right, but even had I had the correct wrench, I wouldn’t have been able to turn it. The plumber merrily said that it was a common problem as he charged me for his time and call-out fee.

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