After another generally wet week and a very mixed weekend which included sun, wind and naturally torrential rain, I have returned to  find everything in a garden jumble.  Some of it is good jumble but a lot of it is bad jumble.   There are some areas that look like a bad comb-over in the wind, the plants have blown the wrong way to expose the secret below, in this case Weed City as opposed to bald pate.  In some places tall plants have toppled against shorter ones sending them careering into the next like horticultural dominos.  Confusion reigns supreme.  The solution in many cases is a brutal chop and a generous but balanced feed; the alternating wet and warm weather has produced unprecedented growth and the sloppy gardeners have once again under supported the herbaceous members of the community.  Do not fear, there is plenty of time for them to make neat and tidy specimens again before the winter sets in.  To our credit there are some glimmers of “when chaos works” and I think this picture shows a good mix up of Coreopsis grandiflora, Lobelia speciosa, Osteospermum “Can’t Remember” and a couple of annual mallows with Alcea cannabina in silhouette in the background.


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  1. The picture above is very beautiful. If only all jumbles-jungles-muddles and haphazard seedings worked so well!

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