Meet Marilyn

I was wondering whether the time had past for our annual visit from a wayward homing pigeon. She may be late but this blonde bombshell, who I have naturally called Marilyn, was worth waiting for.  Beautiful she definitely is but also a little on the dippy side (you wont get any dumb blonde jokes from me).   In the pouring rain I painstakingly laid a trail of seed for her to find shelter, she wandered past her potential des res for a while but seemed to prefer to sit huddled up on the edge of the cold frames.  She is also very friendly allowing me to get quite close before scurrying away, not on a coiled spring like her cousins the Wood Pigeons.  Hopefully she will not be as friendly with the night visitors who may not have her well-being in mind, just her plumptious body for supper.


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