Tangled up in Blue

This tangle of blue is Perovskia atriplicifolia “Blue Spire” which has fallen flat on its face under the combined pressure of heavy rain and North Devon winds, entwining itself amongst the other plants in the Mediterranean bed.  Its common name is Russian Sage and, as these things often seem to be, it is neither a true sage or from Russia.  It hales from Afganistan, Iran, Pakistan and to Tibet and is therefore extremely hardy, enjoying full sun and a well-drained position.  Although in the same family, Lamiaceae,  it is not a true sage which are in the genus salvia.  The leaves have been variously used as a treatment for dysentery, a cure for fever and a drug inducing euphoria.  Something for every occasion.


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One response to “Tangled up in Blue

  1. Michelle - Germany

    There is a very special song title in there…his Bobness! What an album! Ah, memories…..My Blue Spire sadly disappeared under the encroaching weight of a neighbouring Phlox and Geranium, It was too small and weak after the winter to compete. 😦

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