Spider City


A day heavy with moisture; rich deep dew, then mist and mizzle took turns.

A garden replete with webs.  Layer upon layer, some strung across branches, some lurking at ground level, some nestled amongst the soft foliage.  At every level, though every angle, no plant seemed to be immune from the invasion.

A blushing Parrotia persica, warning us of her imminent disrobing.



Whilst we can control some aspects of the garden, we cannot halt or hurry the steady passage of the seasons.  It is not always easy to embrace these changes, especially when one feels short changed by the previous months’ performance.  You can rest assured that I will be contacting the Trades Description people concerning the season formally known as “summer”.



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4 responses to “Spider City

  1. Tus

    WOW what a fab photograph! Thinking of you all xx

  2. Michelle - Germany

    Gorgeous photo!! ❤

  3. Betsy Hosegood

    Stunning pic. Sometimes the rain can create such beauty. I think we misjudge it. After all, there would be no flowers at all without it.

  4. Michelle - Germany

    Totally agree Betsy! I often dash out with the camera after (or even during!!) a light shower! 🙂

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