Dahlia merckii – Bedding Dahlia

On the face of it Dahlia merckii seems a million miles away from the cultivated dahlias that we are accustomed to.  Don’t get me wrong I love the cactus, the pompom, the porcupine, the dinner plate and the floosie (NB: may not be the exact nomenclature found in the official Dahlia Lovers’ Handbook). Some are admired for their outrageous flamboyance, few for their subtly.  This little beauty, however, is in a different class altogether.  A species dahlia which, like many dahlias, originates in Mexico and was first described in 1839 by Johann Georg Christian Lehmann.  The common name is Bedding Dahlia, “please try harder” springs to mind.  So, to remedy this, at best utilitarian at worst boring, title I therefore, from hereon in, thence and forthwith to all eternity, proclaim the new common name to be Charlie.



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2 responses to “Dahlia merckii – Bedding Dahlia

  1. Betsy Hosegood

    What an excellent idea. Whoever called her Bedding Dahlia must have been having a very dull day. Charlie is a glorious name for her.

  2. Michelle - Germany

    Agreed! Is she hardy? Probably not I guess?

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