Today I was an object of envy.  This doesn’t happen very often.  Strangers gasped at the views and drooled at the prospect of actually calling this a place of employment.  Today was everything we have been waiting for; a kindly sun, a benevolent breeze, a refreshing sky.  Today we lived in the moment and dismissed what had gone before and what surely would return.  Every work day I have a panorama that is spectacular and ever changing. Not every work day do I appreciate this beauty.  When I arrived at work this morning I got out of my car and leaned against the railing mesmerised by the wonder of my office.  An almost perfect day, I think you would call it clement.  Just in case you had forgotten what it looks like, here it is.  Study and weep my friends.



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4 responses to “View

  1. Alan B

    But then there were all those days when I was in my nice dry and warm study – and I was still missing Lee. Not long to go now I hope!

  2. I have a photo I took from the garden looking out at Lee Bay as my wallpaper. Every time I turn my laptop on I look through the trees to the sea. My constant reminder:-)

  3. Michelle - Germany

    I am weeping! And hoping it may look like this in January……….it seems we are going to come over! :-))))))))) I ❤ Lee Bay XX

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