Fuchsia, Jim but not as we know it

This little jewel is Fuchsia procumbens or the Trailing Fuchsia and is native to New Zealand. It is the antithesis of the stereotypical many-peticoated dancer we usually associate with this genus, in fact it is a delicate ground cover.  It has miniature lily pad leaves and upturned flowers that could easily have been designed in the 1960’s, a yellow/orange tube with folded back green sepals, dip-dyed purple.  The red stamen are dramatically tipped with blue pollen which in this case seems to have been distributed by an earlier caller.  We are lucky at Cliffe as the terracing allows some of the little folk to be closer to eye level, giving admirers easy access to study their beauty, so easy to miss when planted amongst the big boys.

Bosswoman has once again donned her stylish high vis jerkin for the annual road wall clearance.  I have been her Lovely Assistant or Waste Disposal Expert.  Naturally there were many comments from walkers and holidaymakers as they passed by, a few pleased for an excuse to rest on the way up the hill, a few totally ignoring the strange locals.  We decided that opinion was evenly divided as to whether it was the job from hell or heavenly bliss.  I am guessing I know what Bosswoman thinks, but I may be wrong.


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