Linum grandiflorum “Blue Dress” – Scarlet Flax

No I haven’t made a mistake, the common name of Linum grandiflorum “Blue Dress” truly is Scarlet Flax, and just to underline this apparent misnomer it is also known as either Red or Crimson Flax.  We also grow Linum grandiflorum var. rubrum which is far more conventional in its colouring.  The confusion is all down to those clever plant breeders who have produced a variety of colours of this diaphanous annual including salmon, magenta and white, as well as the baby blue of Blue Dress.   It is originally from Algeria but has made itself at home in various other places including North Africa, Southern Europe and the land of the free seeding, North America.

It is not often that a day which includes “visit dentist for large filling” on the itineray is one to cherish.  A visit from two friends from the east, full of enthusiasm and fun, cut through the showers and enhanced the sunshine.


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