Erigeron karvinskianus – Mexican Fleabane

Erigeron karvinskianus loves to tumble down walls and banks or spill out of crevices and is sometimes known as Erigeron mucronatus.  In my experience it also hates to grow in any place that you choose to plant it and will seed itself exactly where it wants to live.  Once it has chosen its preferred position it is great value with almost non stop flowering.  The white daisies with a bright yellow central boss age from pink to purple, appearing from a tangle of evergreen foliage.  It originally comes from central America, Mexico to Panama, and is therefore not totally hardy with us.  As it seeds itself around so expertly it is unlikely you will lose it completely, more than likely if the parent plant succumbs it will pop its head up somewhere else.  Just like it did in New Zealand and Europe and the Americas, all of which it has naturalised in.  The genus name comes from the Greek eri meaning early and geron which means old man, referring to the fluffy white seed heads.  The specific name refers to the impressively named Wilhelm Freidrick Karvinski von Karwin, an early 19th century plant hunter, geologist and paleontologist who discovered this prolific little plant during his explorations in Mexico.  Oil extracted from this plant can be used as an insect deterrent, hence its common name Fleabane, but beware, some are allergic to this plant and it may not only be the fleas that are deterred.


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  1. Michelle - Germany

    Ah, now I know why I lost my small plants given to me by a friend in the Uk…we had minus 15 or lower! 😦

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