Nerine bowdenii ‘Isabel’ – Guernsey Lily

Nerine bowdenii “Isabel” is a new addition to the garden and she has not disappointed.  Her rich pink flowers are stunning and today she stood firm in some serious winds.

The main wild population of Nerine bowdenii is found in the Drakensburg Mountains in South Africa.  It was first sent back to this country in 1903 by Athelstan Hall Cornish-Bowden and it was quite rightly named after him.  Luckily for us they decided to only use part of his name.  They thrive on what some might call neglect, flowering best when packed into a small space or pot.  This bodes well for this particular plant as it was only planted in its pot this spring and although not alone is far from constricted.

Strap like leaves appear after the flowers and for this reason it is sometimes known as Naked Lady.  The trumpet-shaped flowers are held in groups of up to 8 and come in colours from white though to cerise pink with various amounts of fluting and curling.  It is not totally hardy so may need protection but a thick mulch should suffice.  There is disagreement amongst “The Powers That Be” as to whether the bulbs should be planted deep or shallowly.  I have shown my allegiance to the shallow side, thereby exposing the bulbs for the good sun-baking it requires.

At long last, after months of promises, we were honoured with a visit from the Marwood Marauders.  We then held the first session of the Potting Shed Debating Society.  Very enjoyable it was too.


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  1. Michelle - Germany

    Mmmm, yes, this is another non-starter here too! And I so love it!! 😦

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