Elaeagnus pungens (was once) “Maculata”

There is a 3m hedge of sorts that runs down a portion of the garden road side, protecting the lower beds from the worst of the northerly winds.  This hedge consists of a patchwork of mainly evergreen shrubs and trees including various hollies (some more prickly than others), euonymus, eleagnus and even camelia.  It is utilitarian rather than beautiful and serves its purpose well as both protector and backdrop to the Road Bank Border.  However at this time of the year it has a secret weapon, a stealth bomb, something that stops you in your tracks and forces you to involuntarily lift your nose to the air.  This is the annual flowering of the elaeagnus.  Lift up the matt green leaves of this reverted branch of Elaegnus pungens “Maculata”, and you will discover the perpetrator of this alarming perfume.  They call these delicate creamy white flowers insignificant but once you have copped a snifter of their aroma you are unlikely to dismiss them so swiftly;  perfume aside they are actually very pretty.  Of course the matt green reverted branches should have been cut out previously, leaving the yellow splashed and slightly less vigorous ones of the Maculata variety.  Not sure what the gardeners have been doing, they were probably sitting in the potting shed drinking pink champagne.



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3 responses to “Elaeagnus pungens (was once) “Maculata”

  1. The Frustrated Gardener

    I remember being stopped in my tracks by this Eleagnus at Rosemoor once. I could not work out where the fragrance was coming from, as it looks pretty unassuming. My sister now has one planted in her garden down in Cornwall and it makes quite a nice specimen with its slightly silvery leaves…and it takes a fair old battering from the wind. PS the gardeners have the right idea 😉

  2. Michelle - Germany

    LOVE LOVE that perfume! ❤

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