Argyranthemum “Daisy Crazy Coconut Blush”

Argyranthemum “Daisy Crazy Coconut Blush” what a scrumptious name!  This little marguerite and her sister plug plants have done well this summer and today were enjoying some very welcome sunshine, an indeed was I.  The species, Argyranthemum frutescens, is an evergreen subshrub native to the Canary Islands where it grows in rocky coastal conditions.  There are countless cultivars available in pinks, yellows and whites, with double or single flowers, but surely none can have such a wonderfully evocative name as Ms Daisy.  They seem to have avoided any slug or snail damage and it will be interesting to see if any survive until next summer.  Classed as half hardy it is in theory unlikely to make it through all but the mildest of winters, but where there’s life there’s hope, we shall wait and see.  As recommended in a recent article in one of the sunday papers, I have taken cuttings in the hope to prolong its life that way.  Belt and braces, both might keep my trousers up but there is a chance of embarrassment with a double failure.


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