Salvia patens “Holbrook”

This dreamy wonder is Salvia patens “Holbrook”.  We brought this plant at Sampford Shrubs last summer and it really is a special plant.  It stayed in the ground throughout last winter, with its obligatory bracken mulch, but with the prospect of early frosts I don’t think we will be let off so easily this year.  Unfortunately its life expectancy is decreasing rapidly.  On a positive note, we have several rooted cuttings in the greenhouse so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if it succumbed.  I would much prefer it if they all survived but as I was often told as a child “What you want and what you get are two completely different things”.

It was extremely windy in the garden this afternoon.  A lavatera on the lawn beds has recently bitten the dust (literally) due to previous gales breaking if off at the base.  I have discarded the tragically limp shrub but optimistically left the root in the ground in the hope it may have another go.  As I was often told as a child “If you can’t fight wear a hat”.  I never understood what that meant.



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2 responses to “Salvia patens “Holbrook”

  1. Hi Gill. I have what looks to me to be the same plant but it was sold to me as ‘Cambridge Blue’ . The nursery explained that because it has a tender tuber, it would be better to grow it in a pot, plunge the pot in the border in May and dig it up to go into the greenhouse before the first frosts. Pretty little thing but, on the whole, I think I prefer the tougher shrubby Salvias like ‘Hot Lips’ and Royal Bumble’. Love the blog!

    • It’s a minefield out there, not sure Cambridge Blue has any white on it. No matter it is a beauty. I have a salvia soft spot, I love the shrubby ones too. Love your blog as well!

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