Today I was bereft.  Today I forgot to take my camera to work.  I knew I would be punished for this error and it didn’t take long. Whilst rummaging in a futile attempt to find the camera that was happily resting in my handbag at home, a goldfinch posed beautifully on a teasel outside the potting shed, glinting and taunting in the sun as it gorged on the seed.  You will have to take my word on this and the following other missed photo opportunities:

  • Whilst digging out one of the compost bin I found a long-lost trowel
  • A pair of peregrines flew overhead
  • A mass of Erysimum seedlings germinated in the lawn bed
  • The mound of stones I dug out from the azalea bed (and plenty more to come)
  • Dramatic red fungi on the lawn
  • Impressive straight lines Baz mowed on the bottom lawn
  • Me balancing a tea (milk, one sugar), a coffee, a cherry bakewell and a broom all the way from the potting shed to the drive
  • A walker asking if I had been rolling in mud

Never mind, I’m sure there will be more exciting subjects tomorrow.  I bet the unicorn has moved on by then.

This is Inky contemplating the view, he visits the garden often and drinks out of the greenhouse gutters.  Obviously this photo was not taken today.


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