Slate of Love

Last week myself and Hero started Phase 3 of Project “Don’t Fall off the Lawn Whilst Mowing”.  Anyone who knows Cliffe Garden will understand this, anyone who doesn’t will perhaps envisage a vertical lawn or maybe a gravity free zone.  Both of these options are possible, you will just have to visit to find out.  Anyway, Hero was turf lifting and I was forking over the soil below and incorporating last year’s stacked turves which have now become that lovely word “loam”, mixing it with mushroom compost.  This soil enrichment is necessary as approximately two inches below the compacted soil is a layer of dense shillet, each fork goes “crunch” or “ping” as opposed to a more delightful gentle glide into the ground.  As I was grumbling to myself about this jolting job my fork pierced a piece of slate and as I removed it from the prong I realised I had found The Slate of Love.  The point of these ramblings is I am sending this picture to my good mate DD for her birthday, hope it was a good one x


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  1. mum

    What it is to have a good imagination??????

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