Tree Watch – Baring Beech

I have neglected my Tree Watching.  I admit I was led astray by more flamboyant summer stunners.  Now the leaves on the ground are a constant reminder of the limbs above I have, head bowed in shame, returned to my watching.

This photo was taken on full zoom and therefore has the appearance of paparazzi photos of celebrities in their swimming cossies or sometimes without.  True, the copper beech is now scantily clad, but as always remains in the best possible taste.



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2 responses to “Tree Watch – Baring Beech

  1. It’s quite a jump between seasons

    I missed the leaves falling off ‘my’ elderberry tree because it’s so covered in ivy it stayed green. It was only when I was puzzling over a nearby, bare tree, that I realised they’d all gone.

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