Meconopsis cambrica – Welsh Poppy

This photo will put shivers down the spine of Bosswoman.  It is Meconopsis cambrica or the Welsh Poppy and to say it is persistent is an understatement.  It seeds itself in any nook and cranny with a special affinity for our drystone walls and a tap root almost impossible to extract.  It snuggles up tight against any plant, sometimes only visible when it flowers, by which point it is so tied up amongst their roots it is very tricky to remove without damaging its companion.  What is most annoying it is unreservedly cheery with its four sunshine leaves tinged with orange and its glorious boss of gold.  On a dull day autumn day it radiates warmth.  Extremely irritating!

Today I saw a goldcrest and a red admiral butterfly and what is more it didn’t rain all day.  Quite frankly that is enough.



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9 responses to “Meconopsis cambrica – Welsh Poppy

  1. Malvern Maid

    You’ve got to love these persistent little devils at this time of year!
    I too saw a Goldcrest recently. No butterfly but two long tail Tits and eight Magpies! No rain either. Big smiles all round!

  2. Now you tell me! I just sprinkled seeds of Meconopsis cambrica over one of my perennial beds. I was so taken with it when I saw it in my daughter-in-law’s garden that I asked her to save seeds for me.

    • Perhaps your chilly winters will dampen their enthusiasm a little! Would make a lovely painting …..

      • Actually, I’ve tried to grow these flowers before without any luck. Many gardeners have success with them here, though. Now that I’ve got a new garden with better conditions, perhaps they will thrive. We are Zone 8 here on Vancouver Island and it is mostly rain in the winter. Some years we get snow, others not. You’re absolutely right: it would make a lovely painting.

  3. bosswoman

    Why so negative – a lovely plant and, if anything is hard to extract from the walls, let it at least have a pretty flower (are you reading this all you ferns?)

  4. tus

    I’d best paint it then!

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