Grand Design

Today we came upon this dwelling in the woods.  Who lives there, we wondered?  Could this explain the over whelming sense we occasionally have of being watched from amongst the trees?   A troll or goblin or perhaps a Vietnam Veteran who hasn’t heard that the war is over and has been eking an existence in the garden pretending to be a deer.

Actually I made all that up.  In reality it is the excavations from the new lawn bed that Hero has been constructing into a turf igloo.  She is very neat isn’t she?   I think her new found love of Grand Designs has influenced her interpretation.  I piled mine on the other side, although no photo is available I can confirm it is a little more avant-garde in style.



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2 responses to “Grand Design

  1. hero

    got to practise somewhere!! make a few windows and we could watch the deer come and go…

  2. Betsy Hosegood

    Very funny. It does look like a home.

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