Agapanthus Skeletons

These enormous dandelion heads are the skeletons of agapathus flowers which have long since jettisoned their seed.   Come the spring seedlings will appear in inappropriate places, their chunky roots holding on for dear life and making them tricky to weed out.  I realise this is a little like moaning about having too much chocolate cake.  If anyone has too much chocolate cake I am willing to swap for some agapanthus seedlings.



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5 responses to “Agapanthus Skeletons

  1. Ha, ha. I’d love to have some agapanthus seedlings, but given the distance, I’ll have to settle for virtual seedlings if you’ll settle for virtual chocolate cake.

    • I can post you seed! You don’t need to post cake ingredients in return.

      • What a lovely offer! But, no, I do have two agapanthus plants in pots that I brought from my last garden. I’ve found a sunny, sheltered spot for them and if they make it through the winter, that will be enough for me. My new garden is too small to accommodate more and still leave me room for all my other favourites, although it would be a thrill to discover agapanthus seedlings of my own. I will look forward to seeing your photos next summer.

  2. Betsy Hosegood

    I can make chocolate cake!

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