Eye of the Storm

It began with hammering rain on the window and some doubt if the sun would bother rising at all,  I must admit I was also wondering if it was worth getting out of bed.  All in all, this did not bode well for the quality of the forthcoming day.  However, as the day progressed so things gradually things improved; after a slightly dodgy start it turned into something on the plus side of the dayometer.  It was not a day of great horticultural excellence but of achievement nonetheless.  After the rain had subsided, about mid morning, we began the herculean task of clearing the road of the fallen leaves that were making the hill challenging for the traffic, especially it would seem to boy racer white van men.  This is the third time this year we have tackled this leaf mould source/darned nuisance but on upward inspection it seems unlikely that it will fill again.  Any image of golden, bronze and mahogany confetti is unfortunately misfounded.  Mainly it was mangled, muddy and saturated black and extremely heavy gloop.  So we raked, dodging cars and looking aghast when they drove through our carefully constructed piles.  Transportation to the compost bins was achieved by a combination of trug, builder’s tunny bag and wheelbarrow.  The gardeners version of Trains, Planes and Automobiles.

So although the day and my mood began pretty much as it had finished yesterday, as you can see from the photo above, by the end of the day it was just pretty.  Let us not mention tomorrow’s forecast.


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