Protect from Cold Drying Winds

It was a bit breezy at work today.  A more accurate description would be that it was a bit galey at work today.  The wind has moved around to the North and we are on the frontline.  The garden was in motion all day and the noise was relentless.   Shouting “Shut Up!” didn’t work, the wind just swallowed my words and kept on roaring and kept on blowing.

The cultivation requirements for this Lyonothamnus floribundus aspleniifolius include “Protect from Cold Drying Winds”.  Oops!



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6 responses to “Protect from Cold Drying Winds

  1. Malvern Maid

    Looks like it’s standing up to it nicely.
    I expect it’ll rain soon so no need to worry about it drying out!

  2. Don’t worry, We grow this lovely tree by the coast in Broadstairs with nothing between it and Siberia, and it’s never suffered any ill effects. Tough as old boots. Only thing I don’t like is the old leaves dropping off in summer. After 6 years we’re still waiting for that magical summer when it finally flowers.

  3. We get a lot of wind here, too. When it goes on for a whole day, the noise can really drive you bonkers.

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