Chrysanthemum “Sheer Purple”

I don’t think we have fully explored the possibilities of chrysanthemum growing in the garden.  I have never grown them before and for good reason, I’m not convinced that I like them much.  I am trying to keep an open mind and am more than willing to be swayed.  They are available in rich colours, in many flower shapes and sizes and are supplied by the trendiest of suppliers as well as the stalwarts.  I think it is the foliage that turns me cold.  Or is it the smell?  I can’t quite put my finger on it.  This is Chrysanthemum “Sheer Purple” and although beautiful, it has struggled since we had it and I don’t know why.  Too damp conditions is a possibility or perhaps not enough sun.  Maybe it is rogue that isn’t strong and will never do well however hard we cosset it.  This is the one and only flower it has produced this year, just this week on a potted plant in the greenhouse.  I did soften considerably when I saw it but it will take a little more to convince me to move to the Chrysanthemum Side.


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  1. bosswoman

    I understand your reservations – but thank you for a splash of beautiful colour in miserable November.

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