Donuticus jamensis var. scrumensis


The logs from the large oak that had to be felled last winter have been lying stacked at the side of the woodland path for the past year. So, after checking with Bossman, I have offered the crop to Damage, Superbaz and Barry Bluebird; plenty for everyone including the wildlife that has moved in in the interim.  First off the mark was BB who took one load yesterday and returned today for another.  I like to think that he has learnt a few things during his visit to Cliffe:

1. Perfecting the Cliffe striptease (luckily we wear lots of layers),

2.  Honing his extreme wheelbarrowing skills (yep I noticed the skid marks),

3.  It’s not always better going downhill (see above),

4.  You will never go wrong bringing cake to the Potting Shed (see picture above).

Along with the wonderful doughnuts he also gifted a pure white Hesperantha coccinea and a washing up bowl.  All were gratefully received but a top tip to all you guys out there planning your christmas gifts, a washing up bowl may not be met with such enthusiasm on christmas morning.


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  1. mum

    The donuticus looks delicious definately fair exchange for a few logs. It almost beats the exchange of seeds for chocolate cake.

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