Mind the Gap


Running parallel to the road, on the seaward side of the top garden, is a shelter belt of sorts.  This shelter belt’s function is to protect us from the worst of the rimy winds.  I say “of sorts” as it has one fatal flaw;  a couple of the trees that make up this barrier are deciduous.  This means that during the summer it is a top of the range, fully functioning protector, in the winter it is somewhat lacking.  So today, inspired by the bitter winds coming off the sea, I undertook to plug these holes.  Low hanging juniper branches, encroaching ponticum and reverted elaeagnus were all harvested and interwoven amongst the lower scrubby branches of flowering cherry and hazel, their leaves long gone this season.  These tree toupees will stay in place until next spring, when the new growth appears, having taken the brunt of the winter weather instead of the vulnerable sophora, metrosideros and trochodendron.

This lemon sherbet is Linaria “Fairy Bouquet”, still flowering and far prettier than my barricade to the elements.



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2 responses to “Mind the Gap

  1. This Linaria is very pretty, indeed.

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