Cryptomeria japonica “Tilford Gold”

Cryptomeria japonica "Tilford Gold"

It is very tricky taking photographs in a gale.  Today I have taken many pictures of plants in motion;  you would probably interpret them as blurry blodges of indeterminable colour.  This Cryptomeria japonica “Tilford Gold”  however stood tight, posing beautifully, barely moving in the wind.  Its compact pale green foliage growing at all angles, turning a burnished bronze at the ends.  It is a slow-growing conifer, reaching only a petite 60cm in ten years, and is very at home on the Strip Bed with its cousin Taxus baccata “Pymaea”.

Cryptomeria japonica is also known as the Japanese Cedar, although it is not actually a cedar it does come from Japan where it is the national tree and known as Sugi.   Although it is the lone species in this genus there are many cultivars ranging in size from this dwarf to the species which can reach 70m in height.  I think we made the right choice.


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