This spectre is not a remnant from Halloween but a swaddled Pseudopanax “Adiantifolius”.  It was initially protected after a particularly bad spell of deer activity during which they made exploratory nibbles around the periphery.  As my ever-expanding knowledge in this particular discipline has taught me, once they have found something tasty they will return until it is stripped bare.  That reminds me of someone – but I digress.  So you can understand my cunning plan to disguise the shrub as a ghost and thereby scare them away.   And it worked.   The sheet of horticultural fleece anchored by terracotta pots bobs about in the wind like a truly scary ghoul.  I keep threatening to draw eyes in it, I think I will.

In its native New Zealand it enjoys warm and wet conditions and this week I fear we will only be able to supply one half of those requirements.  The spook outfit will help to keep it snug if the freeze they are promising materialises.  Perhaps, after all, this is the real reason it is wrapped up; you choose whichever one you prefer.



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4 responses to “Ghostly

  1. Snug as a bug in a rug!

    • How is your weather there? You going to have a white christmas?

      • We usually don’t have a white Christmas, but you never know! In the mid-1990’s we had a real blizzard in December and the snow stayed on the ground for two weeks. It’s overcast but mild today, about 7 deg. C (45 deg. F) and not raining (right now). We haven’t had freezing temperatures yet this year. Lots of gardeners here take risks with plants that won’t tolerate cold weather. They like to call our climate “Mediterranean”;-). Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.

        Are you going to have a white Christmas?

      • Hope not! Its good to take risks sometimes. Your weather sounds very similar to ours, we have been known to push our luck on the odd occasion!

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