The rain returned today with a vengeance and with it the frost was beaten; round one to the wet stuff.  I would like to share with you a picture I took earlier in the week.  Up until Wednesday I had never seen a buttercup in the lawn at Cliffe.  That is not because we weed kill (as we don’t) or carefully scan the lawn for invaders and remove with an apple corer (as if) but just because none lived there, or so I thought.  So when I came across this little frozen chap and a few metres away his partner in crime, I called Hero to have a look and confirm the fact.  I am very pleased.  I am very fond of buttercups.



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4 responses to “Buttercup

  1. I like buttercups, too; and also their relative Trollius. Do you grow this one?

  2. bosswoman

    Noooo! I hate buttercups. Not so much the flowers but the plants are horrid creeping, spreading things. OK in the field but not in the garden. I’m asking for an apple corer for Christmas.

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