The Grotto

Potting Shed Xmas

Tradition has it that on the last day of work before christmas we have a party in the Potting Shed.  These shindigs are legendary in their debauched behaviour and wild dancing.  To be more accurate they are notable because no one actually turns up except meine hosts (me and Hero), Betsy Bee, Josh, Medlar Fairy and Lucy who were just passing and half of them have more than two legs.  So this year we thought we could crank up the volume by not turning up for our own party.  Instead we went to Damage and ate too many twiglets and dips and played pool (just remind me again who are the champions?).  Not sure we were missed.

This years Potting Shed adornments feature Hero’s wreath and my amazing backward snow-writing and snowflakes.

Happy Christmas to everyone, love from the Potting Shed to all xxx



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5 responses to “The Grotto

  1. Malvern Maid

    Merry Christmas one and all!

  2. Alan Bannister

    And a happy Christmas to you both as well. Hope to see you over new year break.

  3. mum

    Looking back I think you have had a variety of incidents at Cliffe some good ad some not so good. I trust that 2013 will be more varied and that the garden will flourish. Happy New Year to the workers.

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