Pure Potential


Another clement day in the garden.  It was perfect weather for the Jobs of the Week ie weeding, clearing and mulching the borders.  Hero and myself have been enjoying the luxury of having two dry days in a row and even though it is a little soggy it is very satisfying; instant gratification.  It is still early enough in the season not to disturb too much fresh growth but late enough for most seed heads to be spent.  The day got even better with a visit from the Medlar Fairy and Lucyloo and followed later by lunch, a magnificent bowl of spicy root vegetable soup and homemade bread, with Phlomis Phlo in the Grampus.

This is one of the rhododendrons planted on the steep bank above the lawn.  Amongst the detritus of culled ponticum eight or ten new varieties were planted into the sparse soil; much to my relief I arrived after this project’s completion.  Due to the extreme nature of their position they receive little attention and do extraordinarily well considering.   Packed into this bud is all the potential for a wonderful powder pink bloom.  I am sure neither it nor any of its companions will let us down.


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  1. How exciting. The first signs of spring!

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