The Eye of the Beholder


We had snow today.  Admittedly it started off as sleet, which is definitely not as good as snow in many ways; it isn’t white only whitish; it doesn’t “stick” but just makes the ground not only wet(ter) but cold; it hurts; you don’t get sleet on christmas cards; it sounds miserable.   Later proper grown up flakes came.  Altogether I counted at least 6 but they were quite big ones.  With the wintery showers came a strong breeze to enhance our overall experience. Snow is all very well when sitting in your armchair watching through your picture window as it scenically falls onto the rolling downs beyond; toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate whilst watching the adorable little children make snowpeople (pc) and play enchantingly and very sportingly with snowballs.  What is not so romantic is gardening on the edge of a cliff with a slush puppy coming in from the north-west and hitting you straight in the fizzog.  Are Hero and myself fair weathers?  I think not!  So dressed appropriately, struggling to fit into our waterproofs whilst wearing 76 layers of clothing, we headed into the storm.  Hero gallantly dead-headed a large and very tough hydrangea and I managed to keep warm by fearlessly turning the compost at the bonfire site.  Then we chickened out and went home.

The result of my endeavours was some very beautiful compost; well I think it is beautiful and so will the plants that it will nourish.



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4 responses to “The Eye of the Beholder

  1. Malvern Maid

    Oh yes, that most certainly is beautiful!

  2. Alan Bannister

    Let us know how much snow you have on Friday please. Will you get rain, wth the snow falling further inland, or is the only way into the village by boat!

    • Well we had some over night and it is still having a go but nothing too serious. I haven’t ventured into work, Damage tell me they have had a power cut and the top road was inpassable this morning.

      • Alan B

        The Lee ‘micro climate’ is always fascinating – so difficult to predict. Time to catch up with reading me thinks. The snow reached us around 9.30 this morning. By now we have wonderfully white compost heaps, but I am not going down to photo them!

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