Wot no Snow!

Calendula Nova

Actually there is snow.  I woke this morning to enough of the white stuff to know that if it is a couple of centimetres in the grand metropolis of Ilfracombe then the road to Lee would be like the Cresta Run.   The snow mobile is in the garage and I couldn’t find either the tennis rackets or tea trays so I did what any self respecting gardener would do, I jumped shivering straight back into bed.  I am not going to pretend, no point you wouldn’t believe me,  that an unexpected day off is not appreciated but part of me wishes I could have been in the garden to glimpse it this morning.  I am sure it looked lovely in its winter garb.  The snow turned to rain this afternoon and is now, as the temperature is dropping again, making a half-hearted attempt at a flurry.  I think it is all a snow storm in a teacup (famous last words).  In this neck of the woods anyway.  So this is why there are no photos of the garden today. This photo of Calendula “Nova” was taken yesterday, how she has fared the weather I will have to wait and see.


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  1. bosswoman

    Good decision making. I phoned yesterday to see how things were but clearly the phone was under the duvet. Have a good weekend and let us know how things go next week.

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