Looking Towards the Sun

Medlar Shadow

Something bordering on miraculous happened today.  Actually what was more remarkable was what didn’t happen.  It didn’t rain, snow or sleet and there were no clouds in the sky.  What did happen was the sky was clear blue and the sun shone all day.  OK Mr Picky the sun shone on the other side of the valley but we could see it and feel the love.  Desperate to make the most of this phenomenon I ventured up into the old orchard to see if I could find any sunshine at the very top margins of the garden.  As my middle name is “diverted” this task was put to one side and it was the medlar in silhouette that transfixed me.  If anything could be described as gnarly then surely it would be this tree.  The shadow against the blue beyond created a strange hybrid between a character from a Grimm’s fairytale and a Japanese ink painting.

The Medlar Fairy visited today, this was obviously not a coincidence.



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3 responses to “Looking Towards the Sun

  1. It’s a striking photograph, for sure. It was sunny when I got up this morning, but it didn’t last. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a medlar in real life.

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