Lonicera x purpusii – Winter Honeysuckle


Lonicera x purpusii  is a winter flowering honeysuckle.  Winter flowering plants are somehow more precious than those that flower throughout the rest of the year.  Admittedly I am pretty fickle.  By mid summer I will have forgotten about this delicate sweetly scented bloom.  Next year I will be newly impressed.  Goldfish springs to mind.



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9 responses to “Lonicera x purpusii – Winter Honeysuckle

  1. Brugairolles

    Exquisite! Is it scented too?

    • It is! It is very boring for most of the year (harsh but true) and this one is growing up through the very vigorous Clematis armandii by the main gate. How does your garden grow?

  2. Brugairolles

    Wet wet wet though watery sunshine today.I,m not as brave as you in bad weather.Stare out of window and grumble is me.

  3. Michelle - Germany

    I have this too, and it is such a sweet scent….as you say boring otherwise, but winter flowering shrubs are so precious. Blackbird likes the berries too, when they set. 🙂 Snow is Gone here now…..

  4. How very beautiful. I want one.

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