Arabis blepharophylla – Coastal Rock Cress


Earlier today, during my grand tour of the garden, before I retreated into the relative dry and warm of the potting shed, I noticed this little arabis.  It was flowering beautifully in one our most exposed borders, the Lawn Bed.  It was bought as “Arabis” but it is probably a variety of Arabis blepharophylla commonly known as coastal rock cress.  So a match made in heaven for us at Cliffe which is, I confess, a happy coincidence rather than clever planning on my part being one of those opportunist buy from the supermarket.  In the wild it is rare, found only throughout a limited area in California where it grows on rocky scrub land.  The deep pink flowers are fragrant and held above a rosette of evergreen leaves on stiff stems.  The odd flower pops out every now and again but its main flowering time is in spring.  It is a member of the Brassiaceae family; a very pretty cabbage indeed.

Today I was asked if I would take part in a “Gardener’s Question Time” for the local WI.  This was such a bizarre request that, although it is a little hazy, I believe in a moment of weakness I agreed.  I may have to dress up as a carrot to compensate for the fact I don’t have any answers.



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4 responses to “Arabis blepharophylla – Coastal Rock Cress

  1. Malvern Maid

    The W.I.? Now that’s scary.
    Hope you’ve got plenty of time to swat up!

  2. hero surely a turnip??!!

  3. I’m sure you are underestimating the number of answers you have.

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