The Fuchsia Hedge and Why


“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris

At Cliffe there is a fuchsia hedge running the length of the vegetable garden, top to bottom at an angle Eddie the Eagle would relish.  The reason why this hedge exists is a mystery.  It provides no protection, winds seldom if ever blow across this area and there is little to actually protect.  It is constructed from bog standard Fuchsia magellanica which is not especially decorative or tasty.  Even though this is not strictly a “house” I’m sure Will would have been equally irritated by this structure.  Today myself and Hero did some, and I borrow a wonderful word from Ms H herself, “rejuvenative” pruning of the bramble infested white elephant (to avoid confusion this is not a real elephant, I am referring again to the hedge).  In other words we did a mega-harsh chop back involving saws and jack hammers (well if we had one we would have used it).  The photo above shows the resultant piles waiting to be shredded and used a mulch in the garden.  So it will be useful after all.

It was a special day.  Today the sun shone in the main garden for the first time since November.  Granted it was only for a short while, tucked into a corner by the main gate but another milestone has been passed on the road to spring.  It seems to be a little earlier than usual and the only reason I can imagine this could happen, apart from the earth moving on its axis, is that one of the fallen trees in the wood has kindly left a space for the sun to peek through.



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6 responses to “The Fuchsia Hedge and Why

  1. Looks like a very satisfying day’s work.

    Yes, the milestones on the road to spring seem to be a little earlier than usual here, too; however, this is just the kind of wishful thinking that often turns into March snow or a rained-out spring. A dear friend always reminds me of the advantage of a cold winter: “The bugs won’t be as bad come summer.”

  2. Bruggies

    You must be feeling well pleased.This looks like a thoroughly satisfying tidying up job.
    I’ve been doing something similar to my neglected Rosa Mundi bed

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