Early Harvest and Early Bath

Early Harvest

This, admittedly out of focus, lipstick look-a-like caught my eye this afternoon.  It is the folded flower of Tulipa Early Harvest desperate to bloom even before the mottled leaves have spread.  When fully emerged it will be red, edged with gold on the outside with an inner of orange and yellow.  Short and sweet, they are one of my favorite tulips.

It was another fun day at the office.   Hero weeded the remnants of the fuchsia hedge (never mess with a gal who weeds with a mattock), I hope it appreciates all this fuss.  I brushcut the rough grass area alongside, now dotted with a city of wood ant mounds, managing to finish just as the machine yet again went phut.  It was a mild day and another layer was shed raking these strimming and carting them away.

On the way to work both myself and Hero were subjected to the Lee car wash – high tide and north-westerly winds meant an unbeatable gauntlet on the road.  Luckily for me, a rinse cycle was provided in the form of an extremely heavy rain shower shortly after.  Thereafter we had sun.  Sometimes it all works out for the best.  Please remind me of this on one of those days that it doesn’t.



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7 responses to “Early Harvest and Early Bath

  1. Bruggies

    Is it real?.

    • It is indeed, no mock-ups here, mainly because I wouldn’t know how to do one. I will post another picture when it is blooming. Beautiful day today, hope the sun is shining on you.

      • Bruggies

        No,yuk sleety rain.Gardening on hold
        Fortunately have gorgeous pix from Cliffe to look at

  2. Bruggies

    And witty comments

  3. I love Early Harvest too. My garden’s a little bit shady nowadays, so the bulbs can grow a bit taller and flop over, but they still make a great start to spring.

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