Stormy Weather

Bad Weather

I thought it may be an interesting day after a particularly noisy night of driving hailstones, thunder and lightning and window rattling winds.  And indeed it was.  We had hail, rain, sleet, snow, hail, sleet, hail, accompanied by a liberal and unremitting helping of North Westerly gale.  I have been reliably informed that the wind will lose its intensity tomorrow, but will swing around to the particularly cruel North.  Joy.

No need for sympathy, however, my day was full of good things.  Seeds had germinated, new plants were logged and labelled, primary coloured primulas shone, potatoes were set to chit, Boogie Wonderland and homemade soup kept me warm.   Later I was visited by the Medlar Fairy and Lucyloo, joined soon after by Betsy Bee and Josh.  Although the wind continued undeterred the sun came out and it was a moment to remember.

Good Weather



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6 responses to “Stormy Weather

  1. Stormy or sunny, this is a magnificent view.

  2. Michelle - Germany

    Ah, how lovely! I miss Lee Bay so much and would so love to see you all again. Wish it wasnt so far……but we WILL come again soon I know! 🙂 XX

  3. Michelle - Germany

    So glad you do!! XX

  4. Bruggies

    Stunning!even better having seen that view last year

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