Tough Love

Feb8 001 (1024x768)

A job that was ear marked for this winter was the taming of the Strip Bed.  This long narrow terrace is home to some of our smaller inmates, including alpines which although inappropriate to our damp mild environment seem to struggle through.  The trouble is a few of these supposed miniatures have outgrown their positions and are elbowing in on the others.   To be frank in places it could be described, kindly, as a mass of unidentified vegetation, some of which may or may not be of any relevance to the scheme of things and most of which includes Mind Your Own Business.  This is not a job for the sentimental or faint hearted and this week my mood was just right to sort out these delinquents.  So I have foregone the hand fork for the border variety and been doling out serious amounts of Tough Love soothed by the application of garden compost as a balm to the spent soil below.  This photo is an example of what happens the moment you turn your back for a moment on these opportunists.  A dainty dianthus has taken residence in the centre of the red hook sedge Uncinia uncinata “Rubra”  which in turn is a self seeder both of which are cramping the style of the Cryptomeria “Tilford Gold”.  Only the Cryptomeria remains.  So to all of you plants with border domination on you mind, beware, we take no prisoners here.


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  1. Malvern Maid

    Way to go, girl!

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