First Eat Your Pineapple

Feb7 002As anyone who has seen me in action at the Village Flower Show will know, I am fiercely competitive.  So when a during a perfectly ordinary conversation with the Damage Crew (zombies, sticks, condiments, ukeles) the gauntlet was thrown down I leapt to pick that darned glove up.  The challenge that was set before the Cliffe Posse was a pineapple growing contest with a subsidiary avocado section, what could be more fun?  As luck would have it I have recently come upon a source of raw horse manure (it’s not what you know it’s who you know) so the idea of a building a hot bed in the greenhouse didn’t take long to emerge.  Of course I am an expert in the finer points of hot bed construction.  Well I knew that you needed fresh manure and somewhere to put it, the rest could be sorted out later.  Books, internet, all the information is out there.  Game on.  First step:  we ate the pineapple and very nice it was too.


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