Head to Head


Prior to starting my community service at Cliffe, my predecessors planted hundreds of assorted narcissus in the woods, on banks and in borders.  Not many places escaped this grand daffodil invasion.  As Hero was one of the brave soldiers who planted all these bulbs I think we can quite safely say, without spending the petty cash on a psychotherapist, this may be the reason she isn’t overly keen on these harbingers of spring.  Myself I quite like them, some definitely more than others.  To my mind, simple is good, frills is bad.  Yellow thumbs up, pink thumbs down (whatever next?!)  This is Narcissus ‘Tête-à-tête’ which is both simple and about as yellow as you are going to find.  Today this petite golden gang was looking near perfect in the low morning sunlight.  Surely, Hero, your heart is now thawing.



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5 responses to “Head to Head

  1. Michelle - Germany

    Wow! Your Daffy are already out? I have snowdrops and aconites!! I know this little beauty is early, but just still!….did you say SUNSHINE?!! Ah, wish, wish I was there…….I managed a snooze in the sun here yesterday (with coat on mind you!!) and then did a couple of hours tidying, mainly removing unsightly Hellebore leaves that were hiding the flowers! Felt good…at the time. Stiffness set in soon after!! 😉

  2. I agree: Hero’s heart must be thawing at the sight of this. We had sunshine today, too!

  3. hero

    small and smelly is good! ( and i’m not talking about you gill..!!??) whats it worth to not tell why you are doing community service?……unidentified cuttings in pocket? oops

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