Secret of the Seed

Seed Pod

Earlier today, whilst rummaging about in my bag searching for something edible, a stray pasty or forgotten box of Thorntons perhaps, I came upon a sealed envelope.  These rummages are always fraught with tension, there is a distinct possibility that somewhere in the murky depths lies a forgotten piece of fruit.  I have been reunited on more than one occasion with a lurking half-composted apple; a very squidgey experience and not in a good way.  I digress; within this envelope was a desiccated pod bearing perfect shiny black seeds.  Nothing scribbled on the envelope, no label or hint of any kind as to what, where, how or why.  I have a faint recollection of a tree peony at Chambercombe but I can’t be certain.  To reveal the secret of this seed I will have to sow them and wait patiently.  Now there’s the tricky part!

Looking at it closely I can see an animal face, possibly a squashed frog, anyone else?



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6 responses to “Secret of the Seed

  1. Are you sure it’s not alien spawn? Looks a bit scary to me.

  2. Hi Gill. Done the very same thing myself but only usually come to light when my jeans go in the wash! Almost certainly Canna seeds; possibly indica or iridiflora I’d say.

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