The First

Early Harvest

March the first, does that mean spring is here?  I would like to think so but I am a very annoying optimist.  Spring is the season of firsts.  This is our first tulip.



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6 responses to “The First

  1. What cheerful colour. Haven’t seen a single tulip flower here yet this year – whether red or not.

  2. Not even one narcissus out yet, let alone tulips. My ‘St. Keverne’ narcissus are supposed to be in the Spring show in 3 weeks but are barely out of the ground!

  3. Alan Bannister

    Our daffs are still in bud here, whereas our tete-a-tete(?!) bulbs in Lee were in flower in January. What a difference a couple of hundred miles makes to the climate.

  4. Bruggies

    How exotic you are up north!Done here in south west France we just have a vast carpet of shepherd’s purse and stinking helebore .Though both are rather lovely

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