The knowledge that rain is due tomorrow made me appreciate this wonderful day much more than if unaware of the impending gloom approaching.  It was unprecedented in its beauty.  The balance of solitude and good company was perfect.  The sea was calm, as was the wind, after a cold start and a lost hat the weather turned almost balmy, the soundtrack was that of courting birds gearing up for the spring.  A peacock butterfly caused gasps and a bee found its way to the peach flowers in the greenhouse.  My only worry is that in the natural order of things I am due a really bad day very soon.



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9 responses to “Atmosphere

  1. Michelle - Germany

    If it is any comfort, rain is due here too…but Thursday I think! 😉 Just right to wash in my lawn fertiliser afer scaryfying today! 🙂 There will be no really bad days in 2013! 😉

  2. Betsy Hosegood

    Yes, much to my surprise the bees were quite busy today. Fantastic.

  3. Bruggies

    A wonderfully atmospheric photo and what a contrast ,weather wise, to the previous one.

  4. Bruggies

    Yup snow gone and guess what?The winter flowering honeysuckle is doing it’s utmost to be noticed .Must have heard me going on about yours.Also one or two cowslips.

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