Crocus tommasinianus “Ruby Giant”


Today the wind was so strong that the snow blew uphill.  Is it too late to complain to the authorities that I was promised that it never snowed in North Devon and rarely was there any frost?

This is Crocus tommasinianus “Ruby Giant”; not much “ruby” about this “giant” but who cares when it shines opalescent in the spring sunshine?  This crocus is sometimes known as the snow crocus as it is one of the first to come into flower.  After today’s weather it will be feeling quite at home.



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3 responses to “Crocus tommasinianus “Ruby Giant”

  1. Michelle - Germany

    We have snow too……mega yuk! :-(( Have had to put stuff back in the garage and cover up stuff now outside as it is freezing too…. 😦 Hey ho.

  2. Likewise, when we moved to the East Kent coast we were told it hadn’t snowed for decades and frosts were rare. That held true for 2 winters, and since then it’s been bitter. I blame the Russians …. or the Belgians (that’s where the wind blows from!).

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