Surprise Surprise

scillaI have an inkling that this may be Hyacinthoides italica, the Italian Bluebell.  Not that the name really matters, whatever it may be it deserves a little admiration on this beautiful spring day.  Yes, that is right I said “spring”.  Today, in our neck of the woods, the weather was doing a fine impression of the season we have been waiting for all through the long long long summer/autumn/winter amalgamation of cold and damp.  It is one of those plants that appears in early spring and say “remember me”, it is admired for a few weeks and then disappears below ground and is lost from the common conscientiousness for the next 10 months.  It is neither invasive nor delicate.  It lives in dry shade beneath the parrotia.  It really deserves more than the fleeting interest it is afforded.  Much as I would like to, I cannot promise I will remember this delicate china blue flower until my memory is jogged again next spring.



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6 responses to “Surprise Surprise

  1. Hi Gill
    At the risk of upsetting you and sounding like a know-it-all, I think it is actually Chinodoxa luciliae. I have a pink one called ‘Pink Giant’ which is lovely combined with Muscari and snowdrops.

  2. Although there are some quite large bluebell spreads in some Dorset woods, there are very few bluebells where I live – and odd clump here and there that I suspect may have escaped from gardens. Of whatever kind – they are uplifting and lovely.

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